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Oh, these old things July 10, 2011

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Small things.

Just got home today to discover a new post from the Purl Bee on friendship bracelets.  This was probably my first craft – certainly the first craft I got into obsessively.  I still have a collection of fifty or sixty colours of cotton embroidery thread, and I remember being very young and spending my pocket money on one or two extra colours, or sitting in the front garden spending entire afternoons winding thread onto little cardboard bobbins.

My favourite bracelets were very narrow two-colour striped ones, and I’d wear four or five of them all the time.  I could make one eight inches long in half an hour, and I’d make dozens of the things – it was a bit like it is with knitting for me today, once I could go like the clappers, I couldn’t stop.  I could make stripes, chevrons, diamonds, and all kinds of twists and knot patterns that I either got from the Girl Guides or, more likely, looked up in library books.  Which, probably, was how I got interested in any kind of knotwork, and, probably, is why I love knitting cables so much these days.  My goodness, I’d forgotten the friendship bracelets.  Wow.  It’s amazing how one thing leads to another, isn’t it?

I’m quite tempted to get my threads and my safety pins out and have another go.  Did you ever make friendship bracelets, as a child?  And, I’m interested, did you do any other of that sort of craft?  French knitting on bobbins?  Multi-strand braids on pieces of card with slits cut into them and a hole down the middle?  And does anyone remember scoubidous?  It’s amazing what we used to get up to, back before anything like that was the domain of Cath Kidston and People With More Patience Than Me.



1. Cheryl - July 11, 2011

hehe, I used to do French knitting and was obsessed with friendship bracelets too! My favourite ones to make were the chevrons. I think I must have stabbed myself in the leg a few too many times when trying to safety pin the braids to my jeans that my Mum made me some kind of velcro pad like contraption to strap around my leg to pin everything on! Must’ve looked so weird 🙂

2. Lucy - July 11, 2011

French knitting on bobbins – yep! Although I always made the cords and then couldn’t figure out what to do with them so they just sat around gathering dust.

3. ukmikel - July 11, 2011

I remember I learned french knitting when I was confined to home with either the measels or chickenpox, can’t remember which but we used the old wooden cotton reels and 4 panel pins hammered into one end.- worked just as well as bobbins I expect.
Didn’t help in the slightest in working out what to do with the neverending multi coloured cord like stuff that was the result. Ho hum. I do remember I cleared out all the wool remnants my mum had lying about the house and one or two balls that were absolutely not remnants! No one to blame but herself, she shoudn’t have taught me how if she didnt expect me to use a newly mastered skill 🙂
Mind you I dont think i can remember how to do that any more, although it must have been fairly straightforward to do if I managed it at that sort of age.
friendship bracelets – nope never and no one I knew managed to get into that so a deprived childhood >

4. luciainfurs - July 13, 2011

I never made friendship bracelets, or engaged in any other craft really. For some reason I was too rubbishy with my hands for that, but I managed to pick up the piano okay… selective dexterity, probably.

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