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Distractions May 18, 2011

Posted by Fiona in Durham, Knitting, Sheer bloody-mindedness, University.

Exams are well under way, and my ability to concentrate has gone the way of the sleepless nights once again.  My biggest worry right now is that I’m not doing myself justice, and no amount of Oh You’ll Be Fine is going to change that – I think it’s just the way of things.

I’m hampered slightly at the moment by the fact that there is a kids’ theatre troupe in the theatre this week (seeing as we aren’t using it) and they’re doing a production of Annie which opens tomorrow.  Imagine if you will, trying to get your head round the difference between entrepreneurship and providing services as explained haphazardly but at great length by the ECJ, to the glorious theme tune of It’s A Hard Nut Life. My room backs onto the auditorium.  I don’t like Annie at the best of times.

I’m taking an afternoon out to daydream a bit.  His Nibs and I got these when we were in Dorset over Easter:

I’m afraid I rather fell in love with them – and I know just what I want to do with them.  Now if only I could get these pesky exams out of the way…

The sock I said I’d started the other week has ground to a halt.  Unfortunately my tension the last week or two has got massively skewed, so I ended up having to go down two needle sizes so that the sock wouldn’t swim on me.  It turns out this is only a good idea for so long, and I’ve reknit the heel twice now and it’s still way too tight.  I want to shout it isn’t fair!  Why must my simple exam knitting go horribly wrong?  But I have decided instead, a little reluctantly, to put the damned thing in time out and work on something else in the few spare minutes I have.  There’s no reason to stress over it, not at the moment.  I’m having to reluctantly admit to myself that hey, they’re only socks.

It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, which was a welcome few days out.  I think I’ve made a new friend…

(Mum says I’m not allowed one yet and that I should ask His Nibs first.  On reflection, this is probably for the best.  Look at that arm, though!)

This has been your “I’m still alive, promise!” broadcast, May 2011.



1. ukmikel - May 18, 2011

exams and doing yourself justice. You need a bit of stress/tension to give of your best but that IS the point you can only do your best! So as long as that is what you are going to do you will be ok in the long run.
Buttons – marvellous colour, love it. A white cardigan with cherry or apple design on left and right and red red buttons down the middle.
Exam knitting, perhaps your new friend would like something knitted to wear – a new challenge, although thinking about it perhaps after the exams! Practise for when you are allowed to get one/several of your very own 🙂

Sorry just some idle thoughts while I decide if I have done enough at work yet to go home, despite getting in an hour late!

Fiona - May 18, 2011

You’re right about the exams, of course. I’m sure I shall look back and say so in two-and-a-bit weeks.

As for the buttons, I was thinking a really bright cobalt blue with red tulips round the top. Something really bold. But I like the idea of white… and in fact of apples… I think this calls for more doodling!

ukmikel - May 19, 2011

sorry should also have wished you luck in the exams as well. Happy doodling – i’ve seen something similar and it DOES look scrummy, in that case the buttons were also red but apple shaped!
Sorry dont know where they were sourced 🙂 (i know you’ll ask)

2. Flix - May 19, 2011

That photo is simply delicious. 🙂

3. Lucy - May 19, 2011

Keep swimming.

4. Roobeedoo - May 19, 2011

Fab buttons. Fab haircut!
But… put that baby down at once! STEP AWAY from the baby! Nee naw nee naw nee naw: dangerous activity alert!!!

5. Wasanifu - May 19, 2011

Good luck in your exams!

6. Jenny - May 23, 2011

Your mother is wrong. And *tell* His Nibs, don’t ask…! Lovely buttons. Lovely child. Lovely hair. Lovely post. Good good. xxx

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