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Three sweaters May 2, 2011

Posted by Fiona in Big things, Craftiness, Durham, Knitting, Look what I did.


‘Harvest Moon’ by Heidi Kirrmaier. Wool/alpaca blend DK. Started on Christmas Day, knitted in Brighton and Lincolnshire and Dorset over the Christmas holidays. Grew disconcertingly when blocked so that the bottom of the yoke was around my elbows. Strengthened my resolve to get myself a dress form the moment I have somewhere to put it.


(Get off my) Cloud by Kate Davies.  Sock weight wool on 3.5mm needles.  (I can’t believe it either.)  Cast on at Larmer Tree Festival, Summer 2010 and knitted on constantly for the entire week.  Taken to my first Ravelry meet-up.  Hood finished over coffee and lunch with the girls in Durham.  I-cord edges knitted over two trips from home to university, alternated with a sock so I wouldn’t go out of my mind with the quantity of it.

Worn, finished, for the first time at my second ever Ravelry meet-up.


And this one’s mine.  (Wool/angora light fingering.  Conceived last summer.  Cast on last term.  Ripped back, cast on again, ripped back again, cast on again.  Finished a few weeks ago.  Currently being test knit.  More exciting than it looks, but the most interesting detail isn’t visible from this picture.  More to come.)



1. teacherface - May 2, 2011

I love that final one. The green colour suits you beautifully!

Also, where were those pictures taken? Looks lovely.

Fiona - May 2, 2011

Thank you! That green is my favourite colour at the moment, I can’t get enough of it. The first two pictures were taken on Hild Bede footbridge in Durham, the last one is in a walled garden behind Winchester Cathedral. Both places that mean quite a lot to me, so it was nice to take pictures there. Not that you can see a lot of the garden in the last picture. The fox makes it, though.

2. Lucy - May 2, 2011


3. Flix - May 4, 2011

I do rather like the green 🙂

4. Aimee - May 4, 2011

They’re all flattering. Yay! Looks like that stone hedgehog-looking creature in the third photo nipped your ankle. Bad hedgehog! Bad!

5. ohangelina - August 24, 2011

i love the second top, stunning. with the first, what caused it to flop so? i love the way it looks here in the pic. so is it unusable? was it the wool you used? i am looking at buying some of that same organic wool now. x

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