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Happening around here April 14, 2011

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Look what I did, Small things.
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I’ve been home for two and a half weeks now, and it’s been terribly busy.  The dissertation second draft got finished today, so I’m absolutely demob-happy: it’s gone to the relevant volunteer for last proofreading and then I’ll bind it up and never look at the damned thing again.  (That’s a lie.  I’ll spend the next month reading articles and going “Ooh!  That’s interesting.  I could put that in my- oh no wait.”)  As for the moment, however, I keep looking at my bibliography in disbelief.

Otherwise, what has mainly been happening is what usually happens when I get home for a holiday and spend any length of time around my mum: I’ve got a bit craft-happy.  On the way home, we stopped at the York Quilt Museum and ever since then I’ve been with ideas.  I wanted to do something colourful, where I could see the results and that would make people happy.  So I decided to do everything.

First of all, and thank goodness for it, I finished a pair of man-sized socks, which has since been spirited away by my dad (hence lack of photos, they’re too busy being worn!).  I’m  sure I’ve said before how much respect I have for people who routinely knit man-sized socks.  There’s just so much foot to them, and they go so slowly… nevertheless, I feel like my daughterly duty has been done now, and he loves them, so I think all is well on that front.  And at least now they’re finished.

Then, I decided to adapt a Purl Soho scarf for Mother’s day, using a heavier linen and quite a lot more hand sewing.  (I must never forget to take my sewing machine home again.  There is only one possible result and it involves taking three hours to do something that could have taken twenty minutes.)

There was also these:

Peanut butter and Smartie cookies, adapted extensively from a Good Housekeeping recipe I stumbled upon by happy chance, in a How About Orange newspaper gift bag made from the culture pages of the Independent (oh yes, I live in that kind of household.  Housemates take note).

There is nothing in this world that makes me feel more of a domestic goddess than baking cookies and putting them in homemade wrapping paper to give as a birthday present.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the height of smugness.

(I’ve no idea why this picture is so bad, but it’s the only one I managed to get of the back of the bag.  Total, unadulterated smugness.)

My favourite thing, though, was that I managed to get my hands on the relevant multiple types of pliers, and hooks and beads and what have you to make stitch markers.

I love making things where I’ve got all the different parts from different places.  I got the beads in these ones (above) in Sheffield towards the end of term, when I escaped Durham for a bit to see some friends.  The friends in question have the measure of me exactly, because we somehow managed to find ourselves in the middle of a shop full of beads, and buttons, and miscellaneous small sparkly things.  Now I know how to make stitch markers, I’m determined to go back and seek out some more things to put on them – they’re a perfect little canvas for special trinkets, and these days I know quite enough knitters who won’t complain to receive half a dozen as a birthday present, or really just because.

The beads in these are wooden, and I got them from Duttons in York with my mum on the way back home, about half an hour before we discovered the Quilt Museum.  I adore them, they’re so bright.  They’re currently on the Great Green Thing I talked about a bit previously – which now has sleeves and has been ripped back a further two or three times in pursuit of same.  I’m hoping to have that finished by the beginning of next week.

As for what’s left on my list of things to try…

…Well, it was quilting that started this whole thing off, wasn’t it?

I am revising, I promise.