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Oh hello January January 31, 2011

Posted by Fiona in Breaking the fourth wall, Craftiness, Knitting.
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I didn’t notice you go past. I promise to enjoy the remaining five hours of you properly, though.

And to everyone else I appear to have neglected – don’t worry! I’m here! May I offer you some knitting in recompense? I made this for my sister for Christmas.

Yay hat!  It was swatched in an afternoon, improvised in an evening, bound off during my lunchbreak at work and blocked in the airing cupboard on Christmas Eve.  The yarn is Rowan Purelife Chunky in Blue Faced Leicester (if you’re thinking ‘it’s not blue’, it’s because BFL is a breed of sheep.  With, arguably, a slightly blue-tinged face.  Nothing if not original.)

Disarmingly simple.  If I did it again, I’d add Icord or a little garter stitch ‘bow’ to the centre at the top.  Just because it’d be prettier.

You can see the brim better in this one.  It, too, is ridiculously simple.  The recipient plays her cards right, as you can see, and has therefore professed that she loves the hat and would like nothing better than to pose for endless photos of it.

So there was that.  I also made another pair of socks for His Nibs and a scarf for Mum, but half-decent photos are unforthcoming about them so you’ll have to imagine.  They were both excellent.

Apart from that, there’s only one enormous and huge thing that’s happened – remember West Side Story at the Gala last year?  This year – the week before last – was my last Gala show ever.  This year, they chose The Producers and it was spectacular.  I’ve never been involved in anything like it.  Photos to follow when I can pilfer them off people who standing in the right place.

I shan’t ignore you any more, I promise.  You may have noticed I have a camera now – there’s no escape any more!