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Thank goodness for that December 9, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Durham, Law, University.

Disney got it wrong.  It’s not cute, it’s not special, and all girls don’t secretly want it.

Embedding’s disabled, but I do recommend you watch this and, if you’re anything like me, tape your own reaction.

I haven’t written much recently because not all that much has happened: it’s just chugging along as usual.  Last week, I reaffirmed my monumetal crush on the collected works of Tom Stoppard, by calling a production of Travesties at the theatre.  To quote Lawyerly housemate, “The thing about Stoppard is he’s trying really hard to show you how clever he is, and at the end of his plays three people come out of the audience feeling very smug because they understood it.  And you’re one of them.”

I’m taking this as a badge of honour, myself.

I had a lecture recently on the conflict in Kosovo – isn’t it amazing how when you’re a certain age everything slides past you?  I’ve known for years that when I was fourteen or fifteen I had no idea what was going on in the world, but the fact that the Kosovan declaration of independence was signed in February 2008?  Where on earth was I?  During the second term of my second year of A levels, I read the newspapers religiously.  How did I not have any idea that one of the biggest international political events since the Second World War was going on under my nose?  This scares me a little, and I wonder how much is passing me by right this minute.

As for the lecture, though, it was the most interesting and stimulating subject I have come across possibly in my entire three years of studying Law – and I don’t use that lightly, there are a fair few things I’ve found interesting practically to the point of obsession.  I had a tutorial on how to define a state the other day.  International public law has rather grabbed me round the throat this term.  I wonder, again, if I’m trying to do the wrong thing with my life.

Oh, and I’m learning French.  That’s exciting.  That’s happening.  And I ought to be working and I’m not, and my current knitting project is Christmas-related, just like the other two, and suddenly I’m desperate to knit something for myself and I can’t until I’ve finished these.  Which is not to say that they’re not fun, and probably that they’re a metaphor for my failure to cross anything off the right end of my to do list at the moment.



1. ruethewhirl - December 9, 2010

I lasted three seconds into that video. Maybe four. xxx

Fiona - December 9, 2010

Stick it out. It’s totally worth it. In a scary, wtf-inducing way.

2. luciainfurs - December 9, 2010

He gets an A for effort, and a Fail for the whole ‘what the menstruating fuck?” vibe.

Also, your Law housemate makes me giggle.

3. annadegenhardt - December 10, 2010

yeah, my reaction was pretty similar to Lucy’s, I think. Gwarrtgh. Creepy.

4. Fiona - December 10, 2010

Creepy. As.

In case you’re wondering, you know him from winning Eurovision for Norway two years ago. Fairytale? I’ve heard that song far too much lately – Mathematical Housemate and Dutch Engineer’s fault.

5. teacherface - December 10, 2010

I knew I recognised him! Secret Eurovision love 😛
Am I reading it wrong? Isn’t he being sort of sarcastic?

Fiona - December 10, 2010

I should hope so! I read it as sarcastic too, but that doesn’t stop the head movement at 2.07 making me make a very strange noise indeed…

teacherface - December 10, 2010

Phews. I found it bemusing, hah!

6. Laura - January 7, 2011

I highly doubt he himself is being sarcastic, as the Norwegian housemate knows Mr. Rybak and says that he is, whilst a genuinely nice person, a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

I love Norwegian pop music. I bought a Norwegian jumper from a vintage shop in Camden the other day, just because A-Ha started playing just as I picked it up and I felt it was shopping destiny.

This comment has nothing to do with anything.

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