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Just something I saw October 2, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Lovely people, Small things.

On Postsecret this last week:

My mum is the craftswoman I aspire to be.  When I was little, she had her own business making and selling children’s clothes, which she would often make up from scratch, for me and my sister.  The muslins more often than not became our dressing up wardrobe.  She made pinafores, and dungarees, and I remember at primary school she made us dark green wool duffle coats, with cotton linings, and corduroy lining the sleeves and hoods.  They were beautiful things, and every so often I ask her again if she’ll make me another one to fit me now.  She doesn’t have time, these days, because my mum is also the self-employed and disgustingly hardworking businesswoman I aspire to be, but she does say, when she has a bit of time, she will.

For my birthday in June, she sent up a box of gifts: chocolate, a knitting book, some cards from family, and a bag that she’d sewn herself.  I know she doesn’t have time to sew much, and also that it is one of the things she loves most in the world, so that bag meant more to me than I can you can imagine.  I’m knitting her two pairs of socks and some fingerless gloves at this very moment, because one mastered craft shared deserves another, I think.

I found out later that the bag was also designed from scratch, and the material repurposed from a table runner she’d seen in Ikea and really liked the look of.  This also means more to me than I can really say.  I love the ability of crafting, and of making things, to tell us so much about the crafter and the recipient.

So I saw this secret on Postsecret and between you and me I suddenly felt really homesick.

It’s been a bit of a week, frankly, so today I felt the need for a bit of quick-fix knitting.  And, given that it’s the beginning of the month, and I’ve had a skein of bright green Malabrigo Worsted sat here looking at me coquettishly for quite a long time, the only logical thing to do seemed to do as I’ve been meaning to do for some time and join the October knitalong over at Woolly Wormhead’s Ravelry group, which this month is of her gorgeous new Hat, Propello.  It’s my first Woolly Wormhead Hat pattern, and I’m pleased to say that the rave reviews she invariably gets are entirely justified.  The woman has a grasp on engineering I can only dream of.  She knits hats sideways.  I met her at Knit Nation in July and she was lovely.   I’ve probably knitted just over half of Propello today (carefully ignoring all the other knitting I really should be working on) so fingers crossed I will be able to show you a finished Hat tomorrow.  It’s adorably cute.  I shall wear it often.

Also, Malabrigo Worsted is the absolute business.  It’s a single ply yarn, and even though I know single ply yarns felt really easily, and split if you use really pointy needles with them, and all sorts of irritating things like that… I love them.  I love Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend more than most things in the world.  And now, Mal Worsted is right up there too.

I wouldn’t knit a jumper in it, though.  It’d pill like mad.  And cost a fortune.  Even if it would be so much fun to knit.  I’m rambling.

Til tomorrow, then, when I’ll actually have things to show you.



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