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A tragic loss September 12, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Big things, Law.

I’ve just this minute got onto my computer and discovered that Lord Bingham died yesterday.

I am shocked.

You may well be aware that Lord Bingham was a great hero of mine – always precise, to the point, and accurate, and practically never wrong.  For the last two years, when I’ve been reading case law, I’ve skipped straight to his judgements, and it’s his influence and writings that made me interested in UK public law, and resulted in my doing the dissertation I’m currently working on.  He published a book last year called The Rule Of Law.  I bought it in hard copy the moment I knew of its existence, and read it cover to cover immediately.  If you have any interest in fairness, current affairs or the constitution as it is in the UK, I recommend doing exactly the same right now because you won’t find a better or more readable introduction anywhere.

He was probably the most influential proponent of human rights this country has seen in recent years – always fair, always outspoken when he thought something was wrong (or, indeed, right), and always very practical.  He is widely acknowledged as the best judge Britain has seen since the Second World War, and I feel honoured to have been able to study his work while he was still around to create it.

The Guardian thinks so too.



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