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Hiatus July 14, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Uncategorized.

I’m disappearing off for four days or so as of tomorrow.  There will be good music, and crafting, and tents and rain and probably quite a few photographs.  I’m looking forward to it.  My preparation thus far has consisted of checking out my tent by putting it up in my living room (haven’t used it in several years now, more’s the pity), experimenting with marginal success with that gradual fake tan stuff that never looks gradual on me because I’m ginger and freckly and ordinarily look just this side of undead… and buying a pair of shorts.

So far, the shorts are scaring me more than the rain.

The shawl I’ve knitted this week is now blocked, but I’m too lazy to take a photo of it.  Never mind, I’ll be taking it with me, so I’m sure you’ll see it sooner or later.  I’m planning on casting on Kate Davies’ Cloud (Ravelry link) this evening with some dark grey-blue Araucania Ranco Solid I got last time I was in York from Ramshambles, and taking it with me so as to have some simple-ish stocking stitch to do that I don’t have to look at too hard.  I may also take a sock.  Taking knitting on holiday: it’s srs bsns, I assure you.  (I am as yet undecided about the cloud pocket on the front, although I fear that if I do make it then His Nibs will not be seen in my vicinity when either making or wearing it.  This saddens me a little.)

I’ll leave you with Baz Luhrmann, because I’ve just rediscovered him and frankly, looking at the Met Office website, I think the sunscreen and I shan’t be making each other’s acquaintance much for the next few days.  Maybe knitting Cloud is surprisingly appropriate.



1. Flix - July 14, 2010

❤ 4 song

Have fun tenting it up 😀

2. hannah - July 16, 2010

In parts of southern France they’ve launched this new initiation, “Suncreamers”. The idea is they rub suncream onto those ‘hard to reach’ areas of your body. Trust the French :-p

3. mikeluk - July 16, 2010

I actually read suncreamers at first as sunScreamers – which would I suspect be the natural reaction is someone walked up and started to adorn your “hard to reach” areas with suncream uninvited!!

4. Jenny - July 17, 2010

Have a wonderful time, or rather, I hope you are as I write having a wonderful time. Talk about it lots when you get back :). I really want to start knitting again, I keep saying that, and it’s going to happen.

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