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Housekeeping part 2 July 12, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Look what I did.

So I felt like a change.   We’ll see how it goes, but personally I think it looks rather good.  The buttons are from a pack I got from Duttons in York about a year ago.

It’s been busy around here!  November is being test-knit as we speak, and I escaped the house today to go and sit in a coffee shop and work on something else.

Colourwork and I sit uneasily together at the best of times: I’m not very good at it, for a start, and just as a matter of preference I prefer knitting things that don’t tie me to a chart or looking at a piece of paper every few minutes.  I also confess to having considered it oft to be the gimmicky, showy sister of texture: visible from a distance, and tending to grab the eye of the beholder at the expense of subtler but more clever, knitterly techniques, like lace, and cables.

I take all this back, now, of course.  It was entirely sour grapes because I couldn’t do it without getting my floats mixed up and my tension all wrong.  Anyway, this new project, complete with cup of coffee and muffin, is making me very happy.  There aren’t any pictures, unfortunately, for the main reason that I think I’m going to be taking the plunge soon and submitting a design to a magazine, and I haven’t decided yet but it may well be this one.  Honestly, I want to see if I can do it.  The response so far for the November beret has been wonderful – all the people who say they like it, and they’d like to knit it, and the testers who’ve been so positive and said they enjoyed knitting it and it’s really well-written – it’s been such a confidence boost.  I honestly can’t wait to get it out into the world now.

Anyway, the point is, intarsia!  It’s not just for people with more concentration and patience than my mum (who, incidentally, has both in shedloads)!  Although on second thoughts it is probably for people with concentration and patience.  But then, frankly, so is most knitting when you first do it.

I have a shawl nearly finished too, by the way, because I wanted some quick lace a few days back.  It’s not grey.  Or brown.  It’s not even green.  And I love it.  There will be pictures of that.



1. teacherface - July 12, 2010

I love all the housekeeping that’s been happening to the blogs these past few weeks. Button motif is brill – as a small girl I used to love rootling through my mum’s button tin. I’d literally spend hours nosing at all the buttons. I discovered the other day she has a button bag…well, it’s more like a sack!

I think my favourite button is the one that is partly hidden on the bottom right of the header. The greeny-blue one that is below the blackberry button.

Fiona - July 12, 2010

I think that might actually be the back end of a bunny rabbit! I love it too. I’m desperate to start collecting buttons – I want a proper blue compartmented button box like my mum’s, but I’d have to find somewhere to put it beside the yarn collection, and the ribbon collection, and the embroidery thread collection that was my first crafting love… (I’ll go back to friendship bracelets soon and remember how fantastic they were!)

Housekeeping makes the world go round. It’s the end of term, everyone’s chucking stuff out, time for lovely new things!

2. Lucy - July 13, 2010

I definitely approve also. Mmm, Duttons…

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