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The time of year May 30, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Bwargh, Craftiness, Knitting.

It is a sure fact, I have discovered, that if I don’t bring every knitting supply I own halfway round the country at the beginning and end of every term, then whatever I want is almost certainly at the other end at any given moment.

Right now, I’m talking 4mm circular needles.  They were a silly thing to leave behind, as other than my trusty sock needles they’re without a doubt the ones I use most.  I have a pair of Addi Lace ones that I bought at IKnit last year, and they’re wonderful for everything – I like my needles pointy to cut-throatedness and sometimes Addi Turbos, super-fast and gloriously clicky though they may be, simply won’t do.

Anyway, I went out yesterday on the prowl for a coffee shop with seats to spare (not easy to find in Durham of a Saturday afternoon), plonked myself down with my warm caffeinated beverage of choice, all the necessaries and a calculator, and swatched my little heart out for a new Thing that’s been occupying my doodle space for the last few weeks:

..but it turns out, no, neither 3.5mm nor 4.5mm needles will do.  I am a 4mm needle girl, the maths insists that it is so, and that, it appears, is that.

It is pretty, though.

There is something about knitting cables in aran weight yarn that is so comforting.  Cables were the first ‘trick’ I learned with knitting: knit, purl, k2tog, then bam, cables.  I don’t even think anyone taught me, particularly, or else I learned just from watching my mum, but they just seemed to make sense at once.  So I’ve been itching to get this project going for the last few days, and not having the right needles was a bit on the galling side.  They’re even on another project.  How awful.

Yesterday evening, plonked down in front of Eurovision with two housemates, a packet of Kettle Chips and a gin and tonic (we know how to live, you guys), I went online and bought a new pair.  And, erm, the yarn for an entire cardigan.  Personally I think I’ve been very restrained with the yarn buying this term – one skein, and that’s mostly used now, too – so I don’t feel that guilty about breaking my yarn diet on this occasion.  Even if I still can’t afford to.

The summer has gone somewhere – nowhere to be found is the glorious sunshine of a few days ago, we’re back to cloud, and wind, and the occasional bit of rain.  I suppose it was all a bit too good to be true, and at least we took advantage of the warm weather while it was here, but it’s making me a bit sad, more so than I usually would be in this kind of weather.  I suppose it’s the exams.  I feel cooped up now.  I’m desperate to be outside, even if the weather’s not great.  I want to go for a walk – I think I’ve just been inactive for too long.

Less than a week left.  As usual, I suppose I ought to take my own advice, and put my head down and run.  All cheerfulness – especially if it has nothing to do with current affairs, ethics or gainful employment – gladly welcomed.



1. Lucy - May 30, 2010

I am intrigued, vis-a-vis the swatch.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am so jealous that your hobby is portable. That said, I started a cross stitch at the start of term, and while it hasn’t got any more done for the past three weeks or so, it’s a really nice thought that I can take it on a train, or into a pub, or even, dare I say it outside. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, and it’s a habit I need to get back in to, because I do find it incredibly calming 🙂

2. Fiona - May 30, 2010

Oh Lucy, learn to knit? I have spare needles and yarn this end of the country if you’d like. It’s nice yarn, too. You’re definitely alpaca-worthy, you know. Incidentally, have you come across this? http://www.subversivecrossstitch.com

3. Flix - June 1, 2010

Things I am going to do whilst I have nothing else specific to focus on (other than job hunting and soul searching):

Learn to knit.

As for cheerfulness, I went to a free music festival type thing in the city this weekend and they played some folk type music (I’m not even sure if that’s what it was, but it was very dancable) and me and my friend did a bit of jigging and toe-tapping in the open space, along with some children, who are quite naturally without inhibitions when it comes to dancing, and some middle aged women who also threw their cares to the wind. It was fun, and maybe people passing and watching thought we were odd, but sod ’em.


4. Jenny - June 2, 2010

Sounds excellent, Flix :D. Where/when/what/who – any ideas? And… get a day ticket for Towersey this year perhaps? I’ll tell you which day nearer the time :P. xxx

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