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What do you get… May 29, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Durham, Look what I did, Lovely people, Really good day, University.

…when you take eighteen techies, archaeologists, Boy Scouts and assorted hangers-on, twenty inflatables, quite a lot of doctored broom handles, and give them ideas?

A certain brand of distinctly organised chaos, that’s what.  (Photos by Mathematical housemate., with varying degrees of sogginess.)  We boldly went…

…into the river.  It wasn’t nearly as cold as you’d think – although quite cold enough!  And you got very wet very quickly.  Unless, of course you’d had the forethought to bring a paddling pool:

We started off by Shincliffe Bridge, and most of us got out at the Hild Bede boathouse, although a few went on as far as Prebends, just to prove that they could.  This is what Shincliffe to Hild Bede looks like:

…It’s about a mile and a half, and it took us maybe two hours in rubber rings with broom handle paddles, watching out for the rowers and, of course, waving to people on the banks and the bridges.  Prebends bridge – I think, anyway, correct me on this if my geography’s entirely out – do you see the massive meander if you carry on in the direction we were going?  At the bottom of that, on the left a bit, you can see a bridge, at about an eight o’clock angle.  That’s how far the others went.

If you can’t do it when you’re a student, when can you do it?  And what a fantastic thing to have done.  Another before picture:

(Heading across Kingsgate bridge from the theatre, where we left our things.  What an intrepid crowd.  Still can’t believe how many of us there were!)

Afterwards, there were lukewarm showers for those of us who had got a bit too cold – myself included – and hot tea and doughnuts.  And Chinese.  It was a fantastic afternoon, all things considered.  What a way to see Durham, and to enjoy it.

I only have one exam left and it’s not til next Thursday.  There’s still a lot of work to do for it, but I think it’s time to calm down a bit now.



1. Flix - May 29, 2010

Brilliant. And yay for having most of exams over with 🙂

2. teacherface - May 29, 2010

There needs to be some facebook style ‘like’ button for this post. Boy does it feel good, huh? 😀

3. gflawrence - May 31, 2010

This is amazing. I wish I’d been there. What a fantastic idea! How did it come about?

4. Fiona - May 31, 2010

Essentially, it came about because some of the people I know get serious about their crazy ideas. (Techies, where’s the surprise?) So when they had the idea that “We should all get rubber rings and paddle down the Wear!” they actually got as far as sourcing the inflatables, making the paddles, testing it themselves and then getting a group of us together. I’m kind of proud to be associated with them.

5. annadegenhardt - June 2, 2010

techies are truly excellent people.


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