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Halfway May 24, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Bwargh, Knitting, Law, Sheer bloody-mindedness, University.

Three down.  Criminal, Commercial, Land.

(I need a better camera, seriously.)

Three to go.  Trusts and Equity, Employment, Advanced Issues in Public Law.

I am cacking myself about two of these particularly; one because it’s two days away and I feel hopelessly underprepared, the other because it’ got ‘Advanced’ in the title, there are no past papers and all the sample questions we got given look impossible.  On the other hand, it’s my favourite subject out of the lot of them, and it’s five days after the last of the other two.  Also, its emphasis is not so much on remembering lots of cases, but remembering a few really well.  So I’m really looking forward to spending those five days in coffee shops rather than the library, reading cases and commentary because I enjoy them, probably with a danish pastry and knitting something uncomplicated out of this:

(Photo from Laughing Yaffle)

I have one skein of it, and I think it might end up being some socks with a pattern that I don’t have to look at, once the Zauberball ones are finished.  I’m quite taken with Anne Hanson’s Port Ludlow socks, but wouldn’t dare knitting anything pale yellow.  I’ve taken a week’s break from socks recently, because I really don’t think I can face turning any more heels at the moment, but it’s taken an entire evening of pattern-searching and I can’t find anything other than socks that this skein might want to be.

Apart from Luce.  It might want to be a Luce.  I think a Luce in sporadically variegated yarn might be amazing, if outlandish.  Gloriously so, however, rather than obnoxiously so.

Anyway.  If you can think of anything not too complicated that a 460yd skein of fingering weight yarn in green-and-exciting might want to be, I’m all ears.

Urgh.  Trusts is sapping my soul.  If I read about many more wills, or divorces, I’m just going to have to eat my own body weight in Dairy Milk.  I promise to write something more interesting as soon as it’s over.



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