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Introducing Luce May 21, 2010

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Well, I don’t have any more exams until Wednesday, so I thought it was right about time to share this with you.  I couldn’t be more excited, honestly.  I’ve been waving these under people’s noses for weeks, and bragging about them for longer.  My housemates are sick of hearing about them, as, I imagine, are my immediate family.

This is Luce.  Fingerless gloves, knitted in the round from the elbow up, because nothing says maverick decadence like fishnet lace opera gloves, right?  They’re named after the very lovely Lucy because if Lucy wore knitwear, I’d like to think a) it’d be like this, and b) I’d have knitted it.  And she’s off the wall, and clever, and unselfconscious, and a little bit chaotically elegant – and I like to think that Luce is a little bit of all that, too.

It turns out, in fact, that I like knitting.  A lot.  So when I design something of my own, it tends to have a lot of Things in it: slightly unusual picot cast on, twisted rib, lace, cables… I thought while I was knitting it that it was fairly simple, and so it is to knit, but I’ve learned so much about writing up patterns for other people’s benefit from this that it’s been really exciting.  Knitters, do you remember the first time you turned a heel, and suddenly it was deconstructed into gusset and cup and flap, and suddenly it all made sense in a completely different way to before?  Well this was kind of like that.  Very interesting to write, and I hope interesting to knit.  It’s also, on the subject of knitting it, very quick: my test-knitters tell me that you can finish a pair in twelve hours with very little difficulty, and they don’t even need to be blocked, so if you have a short attention span then you may well love them.

These have been such a learning curve for me.  I’ve learned the gentle art of writing things up, of sizing, of messing around with PDF files, of test-knitting and tech-editing (with a lot of help along the way – thanks to all concerned!).  I’ve actually, deliberately taken photos of myself, and enlisted other people to join in, which is something of a milestone to me – so thanks are also due to Fesoes and Roomie for their support, encouragement, and camera skills.

(Someone tell her she takes a good photo – she won’t believe us!)

You can download Luce from my patterns page here, or from Ravelry here.  Oh yeah.  Did I mention it’s free?



1. Lucy - May 21, 2010

Gorgeous, gorgeous.

1) Roomie(?) does indeed take an excellent photo and I am exceedingly jealous.

2) Those are some incredibly sexy gloves. Done up in a silky yarn… I would!

3) I can’t remember what point three was (someone say attention span?) but I shall comment again when it cocmes back to me.

2. yarnpiggy - May 21, 2010

Roomie looks great (I’m jealous, too!), and the gloves are gorgeous!

3. luciainfurs - May 22, 2010

If I ended up being a glove, I’d like to think that it would be one of these gloves!

4. Fiona - May 24, 2010

Thank you, all of you! We are all jealous of Roomie. Except for Roomie, who won’t take that for an answer, I suppose it was ever thus 😛

Lucy, would you like some gloves? What colour would you like some gloves in? I’d be very happy to knit them again, it’d probably take me about three days, and you should have some, I think. If you’d like them.

5. luciainfurs - May 24, 2010

I’d love some! Oh, oh, I just did a little retarded squeal at my sister. Any darkish colour would suit them nice, I think. Perhaps dark emerald? Or whatever woollen delights you have laying around.

6. Fiona - May 24, 2010

I have no dark woollen delights about at the moment, however it is an excellent excuse to go yarn shopping. I shall do so as soon as I have the opportunity. Excellent business.

7. gflawrence - May 27, 2010

You should pass the pattern onto Tickers’ mum, she knits. xxx

8. Fiona - May 27, 2010

That I did not know. The more I hear about any member of Tickers’ family, the more amazing they all seem to be.

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