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TGFS May 15, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Bwargh, Craftiness, Knitting, Look what I did, University.

I hoped I’d have a pattern to share with you by now; unfortunately the fates have conspired against me so you’ll probably have to wait another week or two.  My first exam is on Monday, I was hoping to have it all sorted already…

My parents had an acronym that they routinely used for most of my childhood, mostly to describe alcohol or really good chocolate, and it was TGFC: Too Good For Children.  I have found, over the last year or so, my own personal equivalent of this, and it refers to a certain sort of yarn, usually fingering weight, that provokes the response, “You’re not seriously thinking of putting that on your feet?”

Yarn costing over £14 for a 100g skein automatically falls under this category (what can I say? I’m a student), as does yarn that is particularly squishable, or particuarly beautifully dyed.  After all, if it’s that good, you put it round your neck, or you put it where people are going to see it, surely?  I tend to be far more willing to use good yarn for socks for other people than for socks for myself, so that has an impact as well.  Also automatically in my Too Good For Socks category goes any yarn I’ve had to hunt for, wait for, or refresh a web page for.

Malabrigo is a prime example of “What, are you mad?  Are you actually planning on standing on that, never mind wearing shoes with it?” yarn.  As is, I have discovered, Posh Yarn.  There’s something exciting about going after something coveted, and page-refreshing for pretty things.  I’ll get you yet, Wollmeise.  But in the meantime, I have one lovely bluey-green skein of fingering weight Posh Yarn Elinor, and it’s  a bouncy 100% merino 2-ply and it’s lovely.  I’m making a shawl for Linguistic Housemate for when she goes on her year abroad next year.  Covert knitting!  How exciting.  It’s a stunning colour, even if my photo-taking skills are somewhat depleted:

You can’t see the colours very well, but I assure you it’s looooovely.  Mmm.  I could almost keep it for myself.  And importantly I could never, ever make socks from it!

In other news, GREEN SHAWL!

It’s so exciting, and GREEN!  And I love it.  Yes, I am hiding behind it again, but that is only because for some reason it smells really good.  I’ve no idea what soak was used after it was dyed, but it’s lovely, and you can just smell it a little bit behind the few drops of lavender I stuck in the hot water I soaked it in before I blocked it.  It’s utterly inhalable, and I love it.  The only modification to the pattern I made was to replace the lacy border with just a couple of lines of garter stitch.  I like the lace border technique-wise, but it’s not really the kind of thing I’d wear.  I should have done another few rows of garter stitch; the stocking stitch triangles still roll a bit, even after blocking.  Meh.  Still going to wear it lots, so I think it’s an overall success.

Slightly depressingly, it was finished very quickly, as it was procrastination from all those socks which were procrastination from actually working.  You can probably tell how well it’s going.

I got a parcel the other day from my mum, with an Exam Survival Kit in it: a shoebox containing water biscuits, a packet of good coffee, some Lapsang Souchong, quite a lot of Thorntons chocolate and a small stuffed bear.  It made my day, although my housemates contend that it’s not a good thing that I’ve now found a tea more scary and odd-smelling than Lemon and Ginger.  I beg to disagree.

Last night, I was at the library til 2.30am.  Tonight similarly, I expect.  If you’re about, come talk to me!  I’ll probably be sat on Floor 4 despressing myself with either reckless HIV transmission or the Sale of Goods Act, I haven’t decided.  Anyway, I could always do with the company.

It’s my hundredth post.  How, ah, exciting.



1. Lucy - May 15, 2010

I will not be at the library, alas. However if your housemates want one upping in the smelly tea stakes, do send them round. We have the wonderfully named Man Tea, which very few people have been ‘Man Enough’ to try! (And an entire cupboard devoted to other intriguing sorts of hot beverage)

Pretty, pretty scarf!

2. Flix - May 15, 2010

Parcels are the best. I got a hand delivered one with…water biscuits, crisps, sticky toffee pudding, chamomile tea, apples, among other items. In addition to the sweet treat gift bag I got for my birthday, I’m loaded with yummy food (though cake is yet to come :P)

We have half a shelf full of various boxes and bags of tea, much to the disgruntlement of none-tea-drinking housemate. It’s so handy during exam time. Pop on a cuppa and everything will be okay…


3. Fiona - May 15, 2010

I don’t like normal tea. It smells too sweet, and doesn’t taste much better. Lapsang smells horrid but tastes excellent. I like my coffee strong, black and bitter, so it’s quite a nice equivalent tea, or I think so. I know not liking tea makes me a bit… odd… and it’s amazing how much it hinders some social occasions. Tea brings everyone together, I suppose.

Sticky toffee pudding!! Oh, excellent!

4. Jenny - May 18, 2010

I love Lapsang Souchong. To me, it tastes and smells like woodsmoke, which automatically puts a smile on my face in tea form but makes me feel slightly wistful when it’s in actual smoke form.

I don’t ever get food relief parcels, sadly. I have to buy my own comfort tea :(. But whenever my mother posts me anything she usually includes a nice note or a card even if it just says, in haste, lots of love, mum. And that’s enough to plaster a smile on yer face.

TGFC. I love that. I love what it says about your parents’ attitude of family life and Good Things and I hope I am similar when I get to that point, having things that are luxuries, treats for me because I am an adult, separate from family stuff, and when I buy alcohol I don’t want it to be any old bottle of plonk with a reasonable ABV because it’s Friday night in front of Newsnight Review with Ryvita and Marmite, thanks. I want it to be a wine I can enjoy for all manner of reasons, sod the crackers.


Why am I not knitting anything?!! I will. When I get home for the summer, I will dig out my knitting book, pick a cardigan or a jumper, and finish it by teh time it’s cold enough to need wearing.


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