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Who are you and what have you done with Fiona? May 8, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Breaking the fourth wall, Bwargh, Durham, Knitting, Look what I did, Sheer bloody-mindedness.

I am so unbelievably bored of socks right now.

I know how unlikely that seems.  I am ready to turn two heels right now: I’ve finished the cuff of Purple Sock #2 and the foot of Zauberball Sock #2, and I really cannot be bothered with either of them.

This is unfortunate for several reasons: firstly, one of them is sort of on a deadline (which is rapidly making whooshing noises as it flies by, apologies to all concerned), secondly, the other one is sort of my therapy at the moment, and thirdly, I was using both pairs as counterbalance against each other to ward against Second Sock Syndrome.

So what to do?  The answer I’ve settled upon is this:

Knit another shawl.  (Yes, I am hiding behind it, why do you ask?)  This is Damson, by Ysolda Teague, with Laughing Yaffle sock yarn in colourway Forest, and yes I did start it a few days ago so as not to have to look another DPN in the eye.  It’s most of the way to finished (although I’m planning on mucking about with the edging because I’ve never been sure of the lacey one in the original, however fun it was to work), and I should have it finished in the next few days.

Obviously, I had to knit a shawl, after Midge lost my old Damson on Dartmoor in March.  It’s so nice to knit a project on needles larger than 2.75mm in diameter – and it’s amazing how fast it’s going.

On the subject of ‘Who are you and what have you done with Fiona’, something else amazing happened yesterday morning.  Some of you might know that I’ve been procrastinating starting the Couch to 5k programme since, ooh, probably January… well it turns out Ex-Roomie has been jogging since the start of the Easter holidays, and seeing as she’s already seen me embarass myself fully during the term we spent sharing a room at college last year, I asked her if I could tag along.

A few weeks ago, I marched determinedly to M&S, tape measure in bag, and bought myself a sports bra.  I am convinced that this is the most terrifying piece of undergarmentry I own – and there are some strong contenders.  On Thursday afternoon, Roomie and I went out, and she cajoled me into buying what I am convinced is a comprehensive list of clothes I never thought I’d wear, never mind spend actual money on: running shoes, leggings and short shorts.  (The short shorts on my insistence that yes, she could drag me into wearing leggings if she really wanted, but my arse is still shy and I am not braving the VPL in public.  Yet.)

You guys.  I ran nearly two miles yesterday.  On purpose!  Chased by nobody!  Wearing leggings!  If you are shocked, it is probably less than I am.  I still can’t believe I did it.  I have, however, four observations:

1) The fact that Durham is a city where, in the words of His Nibs, ‘the only flat bits are vertical’, is a definite plus here.  I may go red in the face after about a minute and a half of the quickstep, but I’m definitely fitter than I thought I was.

2) It turns out, nobody is watching you run, and if you do it with purpose they seem to assume you know what you’re doing.  Even if you are wearing hideous trousers.

3) Running after five hours sleep post-election night (where much gin was consumed, and I went to bed at a quarter past four) was probably not the cleverest idea I ever had.  I was pretty much useless all afternoon.

4) You know people who exercise regularly always tell you how much better you feel for it?  That it’s exhilarating, and you don’t have to think about anything else, and you just feel so powerful and capable and, well, better?  Based on my experience of one, it’s a lie.  I felt horrible doing it, I felt horrible afterwards.  I will say for it, though, that now I’m home and I’ve had a sleep and a shower, the sense of smug self-satisfaction is definitely worth it.

We’re going out again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.



1. teacherface - May 9, 2010

re: point 4. I’m one of those people…I think your consumption of gin was a factor in your dislike :-p Yay for running.

Fiona - May 9, 2010

I might have agreed with you wholeheartedly had I not done exactly the same today… (the run, not the gin!) I’m inclined to blame going from nought to two miles in one go, actually, my calves feel like they’ve gone on strike and I think my thighs are just silently weeping.

You might have a small point, though. Just a small one. (Unlike the gin, as it happens.)

Never mind, onwards and upwards. I do feel *very* smug and self-satisfied.

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