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A last-ditch attempt May 5, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Big things, Breaking the fourth wall, Craftiness, Small things, University.

David Miliband and Nick Clegg both spoke at the Union Society today.  I saw the set-up, and the crowds, as I was walking to the library.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to get a place to see either of them speak – it’s something I’ll have to look up on Youtube later, I think.  My housemates all went to Clegg’s address, and Mathematical and Lawyerly went to Miliband’s too, because they were running the sound system (and just interested).  Apparently Miliband is a very good speaker.

Last night, we were trying to remember what he did.  He’s the Foreign Secretary.  But if you asked me who’s the Home Secretary at the moment?  Well, we were trying to work it out last night.  I couldn’t remember.  It’s Alan Johnson.  Alan Johnson to me is (nearly the name of) the BBC journalist who was kidnapped in Palestine a few years back.  And that’s my point – all this election hype, all this reading of manifestos, and debating of issues, and general awareness, and I couldn’t even tell you who the Home Secretary is.

I’m not going to try and tell you who to vote for.  For me it’s too late – I’m voting by post – so maybe it’s too late for you too.  I’m not going to tell you what I think of Johann Hari, although my father makes sure I usually have a copy of any article he writes because they have similar ideas about things.  I’m not going to tell you what I think’s going to happen – although there’s only really one way that I think it can possibly go, and that’s going to be interesting.

What difference is it going to make, in the great design of things, anyway?

Today, I went and picked out ribbon to go with a project I’m making.  The lady in the embroidery shop in the Indoor Market now recognises me on sight.  We had a lovely conversation about her daughter’s A-level choices, and she aahed over the project, and offered to give me some old needles of hers that she’s unlikely to use, and helped me choose the colours of ribbon.  I love how crafting puts community back where I don’t feel like anyone cares at the moment.  Linguistic housemate and I were talking this morning about living in London.  If I didn’t think there was the likelihood of finding a really nice knitting group, I don’t think I could do it any more.  Is that sad?

You can probably tell I’m back in the library again.



1. Lucy - May 6, 2010

I’d’ve LOVED to have heard Clegg talk. From the sounds of it the union society gave him a bit of a hard time, though (now there’s a surprise. Did anyone actually warn him of the DUS demographic?)

Still, I wore my yellow IVFDF t-shirt and took advantage of my height to place Liberal placards in stategic places. Excellent fun 😀

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