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Knitting quietly in a corner April 28, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Lovely people.

Day three of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.  If you’d like something to read, everyone who’s joining in today is tagging their posts ‘knitcroblo3’.  Ah, go on!  What else’re you doing, revising?

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

…Crikey.  Um.  Grief.

A knitter whose work I enjoy.  Well, I take this to mean enjoying their work in the most literal sense and talk about the two knitters who, in my memory, have knitted something for me, and that’s my mum, and the mum of a friend of mine.

My mum doesn’t knit for family often.  Mostly, she knits hats for charity, unless I or my sister pounce upon one and claim it for ourselves.  We have at home an absolutely adorable little navy blue cotton jumper that she made from me when I was tiny.  I wish I had any of the things she’s made for me here, but it being the summer term I’ve left it all at home.

My mum is one of what must be the silent majority of knitters: those who don’t join online communities, don’t blog, don’t share their work with the rest of the world.  The ones who don’t meet up with other knitters for the purpose of knitting, who knit very impressive things, off the top of their head, on straight metal needles with acrylic yarn.  She’s a very unpretentious knitter in some ways, and quite a shy one.  I don’t think it would occur to her to knit in public, or to go along to a meeting.  Knitting’s just what she does when she’s winding down.  She tends to knit a lot of hats, flat, according to a few basic patterns that she adapts herself, maybe using a few different colours or knit-and-purl patterns, for the purpose of having something to do in front of the television.  I estimate she probably knits about twenty to twenty-five hats in a year, of which my sister and I probably each steal one.

The other knitter whose work I enjoy is the mum of a friend of mine, called Trudi, who made me a garter stitch bag of sari silk (sadly also at the other end of the country, otherwise you’d have pictures – I meant to bring it back up but like so many things didn’t have room to take it on the train!).  Trudi is an absolutely wonderful woman: her daughter and I have been friends since we made a pact to sit next to each other on the bus on the first day of senior school, and I’ve spent many an evening at their house, eating Chinese takeaways and dark chocolate and watching Coupling, and although I’ve kept in touch with the daughter since going to university, I’ve sadly all but lost touch with her mum.  Trudi taught me the rudiments of cryptic crosswords, and she always seemed to have some insanely complicated lace project or pair of socks on the go.  I don’t know how complicated I’d think they were now, but at the time they were impossibly exciting.  When I showed her the makings of my first sock (see yesterday), she was really excited for me, and kept telling me to come along to Stitch and Bitch on Thursday, I’ll love it!  (Unfortunately, it always clashed with Guides, so I could never go.)

I cooed over the sari silk bag for weeks while she was making it.  All the pretty colours!  She gave it to me for Christmas and I was over the moon about it.  I still love it, because gift knitting makes the world go round, and making things for other people gives me a massive kick, although apart from these two, nobody ever knits things for me.  I read the blogs of people who say things like, “And we each made a pair of mittens, and then we got together, and we swapped them, so everyone had a lovely new pair!” and I think , one of these days I must get involved with something like that.  That sounds amazing.  Knitting may well be all about the process for some people, but the finished items invariably have a purpose, or a use, and to enjoy someone’s work like that to me seems to be the ultimate privilege.

As for people with enjoyable blogs etc, take a brief look to the right.  You will find them listed under ‘Crafty Types’.  The list needs updating (I have a bit of a budding craft blog addiction these days) but y’know, they’re good.  They’re all good.  Check them out, if you have a while.  And while you’re over there, send ’em a smile from me 🙂



1. yarnpiggy - April 28, 2010

“…gift knitting makes the world go round…” — Love that! 🙂

One of my knitting groups had a holiday gift swap and dinner in December — it was great fun. I think we might have a summer one, too…I should check!

Hey — how about a knitted gift swap for The Blog Hub group? 🙂

Fiona - April 28, 2010

That’d be a great idea – I’d definitely be up for it! It’s one of those things, like the trend on Ravelry for RAOK-ing, that I keep meaning to do, but I’ve yet to find the opportunity to join in with.

2. Martin - April 29, 2010
3. Martin - April 29, 2010

(where ‘it’ obviously means ‘she’ in reference to your dear mama. I’m terribly sorry. I should really think before hitting submit…)

4. Lucy - April 29, 2010
5. Jenny - April 30, 2010

I would love to get back into knitting, having not now done anything since Anthony’s scarf, but I don’t know where to start; I don’t know how to increase or decrease and I’ve lost or mislaid my easy knitting book that my mother got me for Christmas not this but last i.e. Christmas 08, so, well. I will. When I’ve made this deadline. It’s what I want to do next. And I would love to knit you something but it’s bound to be terrible and take years…!


Fiona - April 30, 2010

Are you in the shire over the summer? Because I see the solution to a problem… x

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