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Relying on the maths February 8, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Knitting, Sheer bloody-mindedness.

So there’s this cardigan, right?  And it’s beautiful and drapey and long and fitted and ever-so-slightly lacy in all the right places.  And then, well, there’s this yarn, and it’s moss green and tweedy and light and – did I mention I really wanted a long, green, tweedy cardigan for the spring?  I’ve wanted it for ages.  Ever since I found the yarn and the pattern.  Which was a long time ago.  Honest.

Anyway.  The cardigan in my size uses 1290 yards of yarn.  (I know.  It’s I believe the second largest thing I’ve ever made, after the OpArt blanket which was mahoosive.  I’m in this for the long haul.)  The yarn is 115 yards to a ball.  You do the maths, I bought a dozen balls of the yarn.

It’s not going to be enough.  All my common sense is telling me I’m going to need another three balls at the least.  My housemates are telling me this – mind you, not all that long ago they were telling me the yarn was ugly.  (Apparently ‘it’s better now there’s more of it’.)  But the maths – the maths tells me everything is okay.

If it’s not okay, I shall have been failed by the maths and therefore the world shall implode.  Anyone doing a BSc, I’m sorry to say that my faith on your entire degree is staked on this cardigan.  No pressure.

(It’s going to be an awesome cardigan though.)



1. annadegenhardt - February 10, 2010

you could get the three extra balls anyway just in case…


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