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West Side Story January 31, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Theatre.

So it’s over.

Ups, downs, very dark corners and very bright colours, fifteen trips to A&E (or so I’m reliably informed), stress, tea, hard work, bad backs, pizza, gin, five different types of tape, late nights, early mornings, black shirts, sore throats, Pro Plus, and the most fun you can have of a week with people you love in a place that is what it is because of the people who’ve had fun in it.

I’m sad that it’s over.  I’ve spent the day partly recovering, and partly mourning.

You know when you work hard at something, and even if it only lasts a week in the end it’s so damned worth it?

(photos by Tim Foster)



1. Lucy - February 1, 2010


It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations! (I did take special note of the blood)

2. stitchthisdarling - February 1, 2010

Over all the rehearsal period, for cast, production team and band, yes. Luckily the crew seemed to be relatively immune! But yes, vast numbers of injuries. It’s all the dancing and lifts and fighting and general physical contact at speed, I think!

3. jameselford - February 2, 2010

Hey Fi, I like that blue shawl in the last picture … 😛 xxx

stitchthisdarling - February 2, 2010

I assure you, no gloating occurred about it being used! Not one member of the cast knows where it came from! And it definitely missed the aftershow party entirely… x

4. jameselford - February 2, 2010

…. I don’t know why I’m signed in as Elford but I assure you this is Gee.

5. annadegenhardt - February 4, 2010

RicNic are doing West Side Story over the summer… When they find a propsperson, shall/may I pass on the fake blood recipe?

And also the warning that they might need a paramedic onsite?!


stitchthisdarling - February 4, 2010

You’re quite welcome to, if you so wish. I wish them luck – finding someone with Tony’s range is not easy!

6. C R M - February 7, 2010

yeah… certain former members of RicNic are concerned. But more about the dancing than the singing. They’ll find singers.

The propsgirl from last year, however, is sulking. It would’ve been fun to be in charge of fake blood!


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[…] from that, there’s only one enormous and huge thing that’s happened – remember West Side Story at the Gala last year?  This year – the week before last – was my last Gala show […]

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