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Shopping January 28, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Lovely people, Really good day, Theatre.

You may or may not have noticed that something I love is handmaking.  The knitting, for a start, obviously.  The theatre, if you think about it: it’s all doing things from scratch, taking the slow way round to having a show in front of you, working at and enjoying everything in the process before you get to the final product.  I love the time that gets invested in making things – I promise not to wax lyrical any more about that at the moment.  I love crafting supplies – yarn, embroidery thread, buttons, fastenings, good scissors.  One of my treats these days is to go into Durham Indoor Market and buy a few metres of narrow satin ribbon, for the colours, for tying around presents, for finding in a paper bag in my rucksack later and thinking ooh, what shall I do with this?  I love the supplies for themselves as much as what they eventually become.

Another way this has manifested itself recently, somewhat to the detriment of my bank balance, is Etsy.  If you know Etsy at all, you’ll know it’s an absolute treasure trove of anything you can think of, handmade, with a conversational link between buyer and seller.  For instance, browsing through sellers local to Durham, I found this absolute gem, the store of a woman who makes notebooks from recycled beautiful things, hand-bound, with enough textures to keep me happy for hours.  (I bought something from her yesterday, it arrived this morning, and I am having a severe crisis of conscience about the fact that I bought it intending it to be a gift.)  If anyone ever feels like buying me this beautiful bag, I will be very much indebted to them.  The whole thing just makes me very, very happy.

Incidentally, if you happen to be in Durham in the next few days, there are four more shows of West Side Story left.  (Matinee and evening performance today, I was out last night and up at 7ish this morning working, I’m shattered.)  It looks amazing – some very impressive fighting, more dancing than you can shake a stick at (I’m sure people aren’t meant to bend that way!), and possibly the cutest heroine in the history of dinky people under five foot three.  It sounds pretty good too.  For reference if you do see it – the blood’s my doing, don’t sit in the front three rows or you may get splattered, orchestra or no orchestra, and if you happen to spot Maria wearing a very pretty blue beaded shawl at the end… ah, well, that “squee!” you heard from the stage right wings was probably me.

I’ll be sad when this week’s over.  I always am.



1. Lucy - January 28, 2010

I look forward to Saturday 🙂

2. Flix - January 28, 2010

I love Etsy. So, when are you setting up shop? 😉

stitchthisdarling - January 30, 2010

Most likely over the summer at some point, actually. It’s something I definitely want to do. Hmmm…

3. annadegenhardt - January 29, 2010

As for blood-spattering… in our dress rehearsal for My Fair Lady, me and George (the props team) were trying to mix ribena to look like port. And we worked out that the only way it really looks realistic was if you didn’t dilute it.

But when the port first appears onstage, it gets downed in one in a celebratory toast.

So our three main characters downed the “port” and promptly spat all over the orchestra, and the director who was sitting in the seats BEHIND the orchestra.

We had to find other ways to make ribena look like port from then on…


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