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Return to the theatre January 17, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Big things, Craftiness, Theatre.

This morning consisted mainly of hyperactivity, fake blood, and sitting on the kitchen floor eating cake.  The fake blood was excellent – my own recipe perfected last year for Bizet’s Carmen and a particularly eventful production of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters.  In West Side Story, two of the main characters get stabbed in a knife fight, so there was much messing about with sellotape and cling film in such a way that they can fight as acrobatically as they like before dying dramatically and bloodily.  They used it during the run-through this afternoon and it looked amazing.  I love it when something you work on comes together so beautifully, and I also love it when something of the tech really enthuses the actors.  Everyone loves fake blood.  I was so proud, it’s like I’m saying hey, my job’s exciting too, look!

This is during the second act (here is the film version – ignore the subtitles, you honestly don’t need them and the dancing just makes me happy) – and it’s excellent.  Sondheim Does Social Commentary.  It is my personal opinion that this song makes up for the train wreck that is I Feel Pretty a scene beforehand.  Officer Krupke.  Yes indeed.



1. Flix - January 17, 2010

How *do* you make fake blood?

stitchthisdarling - January 17, 2010

Equal parts golden syrup and water, a little bit of red food colouring, some granulated coffee to take the pinkishness off the red (also makes good clots if you don’t mix it in well enough!) and a spoonful or so of plain flour to thicken it up. Inordinately good fun considering.

2. annadegenhardt - January 18, 2010

that song isn’t sung often enough. It oughta be in all the medleys. Except I guess it’s the words that make it what it is.

Also the guy who plays the head of the Jets reminds me of the old principal violist at my orchestra (Ivan) I’m not sure why…


3. gflawrence - January 22, 2010

The middle section will always remind me of “That boy needs therapy!”

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