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Look twice January 1, 2010

Posted by Fiona in Big things, Breaking the fourth wall, Craftiness, Look what I did, University.

(in both directions)

So, happy 2010.  I wish you a wonderful one, may you accomplish all those things you listed in your head at some point in the evening of December 31st after a glass or two of wine, may all your dreams stay in your head exactly where you put them unless otherwise desired and may you carry on just being excellent.

New Year for me, like Christmas, was a quiet one: his nibs and myself in an otherwise empty (and freezing cold) house with a log fire, a Dylan Moran DVD, a bottle of champagne and nowhere to be.  Midge is the teenager in our house now (this time next year this will be chronologically accurate as well, oh god!) and I gather she did the requisite and drank at least twice as many units of alcohol as she got hours sleep, but for me, well, it was pretty quiet.  This morning we had a monumentally huge fry-up and walked a leisurely six-mile round trip to the beach to wear warm things in the wind, drink lemonade, climb over gates and break the ice on puddles by jumping on them.  There would be photos here, but he has them.  An excellent time was had by both of us, though.

As I see quite a few people on the crafty blog circuit are doing this, here are a few of the year’s statistics for my own amusement:

Finished objects of 2009 (including one or two that haven’t make it onto Ravelry, sorry): 18; of which 7 pairs of socks, 4 hats, 3 shawls, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, 1 cowl, and 1 massive optically illusional blanket (hurrah!).

I’m quite proud, actually – I feel like I’ve done something with my time.

Goals for this year, I think:

  • A 2:1.  Desperately.
  • Publish two patterns – actually be bothered to chart them out and everything! Also, I would like to submit something to a magazine, even if it isn’t published, just to show that I can do it.
  • Relatedly, open an Etsy shop.
  • Learn to quilt.
  • Get physically fit enough so that I can do an intermediate level quickstep without turning purple.  (I have plans for this one but it involves breaking a few of my internal barriers so I’ll keep it under wraps for now in case I chicken out.)
  • Cut down the amount of meat I eat.  This is a big one, because I really quite like meat.  But it’s cheaper, and better for me, and massively better for the environment, if I eat a bit less of it.  Also I would like to be a lot more aware of where the food, especially meat, I’m eating comes from.  Unfortunately housemates and I generally cook together and naming no names I don’t think some of them are going to be too enamoured by this – either the vegetarianism or the awareness.  If only Durham had a decent butcher (as far as I’m aware – indoor market is a bit on the expensive side and not very varied)…

I’m not a great one for looking back on time I’ve spent – I’m actually a little bit scared of evaluating what I’ve done.  I always find things I don’t like, or I should have done, or I should have done better.  It’s been a good year; it’s been a busy year.  There’ve been some fantastic high points and some really chew-your-fist-off-just-remembering awful points and there have been some low points that if I think about I’ll just get low again.  It’s been a year of turning into a very different person to the one last January.  In some ways, I’m very glad not to be that person any more.  This year has been the best year of my life, I think, but I don’t think I’ve been the best person I can be or done the best that I can.

We’ll see.  We’ll see how it goes, shall we?



1. Jenny - January 2, 2010

Sounds like a great plan for the year 🙂 and I hope you achieve everything on your list. Sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate the new year as well 🙂 and here’s hoping it’s a lot better than the last one and that nothing you look back on has cause to bring anything but a smile to your face this time next year 🙂 xxx

2. luciainfurs - January 3, 2010

My my, you’ve done a thing! Well done indeed, young lady. Young Wummun! I personally had a lot of admiration for the Fi-of-last-Janurary, but I trust her judgement and look forward to seeing our shiny, 2010 Fiona soon. May she banish the lows.
In the nostalgia haze of new years eve, it struck me that in my ’09 I had managed to sharpen up myskills with graphite (oh ho ho!), and really not much else other than managing to effectivly spend a gap year attending university. Tis a queer feeling realising you’ve barely moved an inch for a whole year.
In short, I envy your progress, it sounds yummy. I’m certain that it is, ultimatly (lows and all), very yummy.

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