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A lesson in life December 27, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting.

Do you remember these?

I knitted them two summers ago.  I started them in June, and finished them in December, on Christmas Eve, and I was so proud of them.  They were a lot of firsts for me: I learned to knit socks so I could knit them – they were the second pair I ever made.  They were the first big project I ever made, my first foray into online knitting patterns, and more importantly the first lacework I ever did.  It’s because of these socks that I learned that there was more than one type of increase and decrease in the world, and a whole lot more to texture than I thought.  The wool I used was frankly not very good and the pink hearts were knitted with cotton – which I would never do these days, but my, it was a learning curve.  I intended to send a message to their designer, to thank her, but for one reason or another I never did.

Their first outing in public was at the college Burns Night Ceilidh.  They kept falling down.  I was so damned proud of them, though.

On Christmas day this year I got them out to wear them again, and discovered this:

It’s not a large hole, big enough that I can get my thumb through it but not stretching very far.  Moths, it looks like.  But I don’t know how to repair it – it spans about half a dozen rows, including a bit of the lacework, and I know I’m just not that good.  It’s the finished object I’m most proud of ever, though, even with its itchy yarn and vast numbers of mistakes.  So something I really want to do this year is to make another pair, with the best, smooshiest, longest-lasting yarn I can find.  And these ones are going to be perfect.

I’d contact the designer to tell her about these, too, but even I think I’m being a little bit obsessive here.

ETA: Gotcha.



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