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Questing and bakery December 17, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Durham, Knitting, Lovely people, Theatre.

…are two of the things that happened yesterday that were really, really good fun.

First of all though, the view from my window about an hour ago:

(The snow looked more awesome in real life – and was actually falling pretty dramatically.  However my photo skills just make it look blurry.)  Durham in the snow makes me happy.  One day I’ll see York or Edinburgh in the snow too and maybe I’ll get the same sense of awe and privilege to be there as I get in Durham or Winchester.  It’s just stunning.  The cathedral… I mean, wow.

On the other hand, I am NOT looking forward to taking my bags to the station tomorrow.  Linguistic Housemate has offered to help, and Lawyerly Housemate has said so will he if he’s not already at the theatre with a bottle of wine (yay Christmas) – so it shouldn’t be too bad.  My packing so far looks like a roughly equal ratio of clothes, dressing gown, textbook and yarn.  I should think so.

Yesterday evening, Techie Towers hosted a gathering which, consisting mainly of techies, meant that much Youtube was watched, much food was eaten and not one single photo was taken ever.  (Little known fact: techies are invisible to cameras.  Ever wondered why you never see them on Eurovision?  Another little known fact, apparently for Eurovision last year they used six lighting desks.  So six light ops, and six DSMs.  Six!  I am actually in awe.)  It was lovely having everyone together for a bit, and we did our fair share of talking about cables and West Side Story next term…

…The Cube of Doom (it’s a Bedlam cube) remains undefeated despite the lure of a prize and the best efforts of quite a few people.  And I woke this morning to discover:

Oh, that party.  And, in fact, that washing up.  Oh well.  It could have been worse.  It always interests me that techies by nature of their jobs tend to be the ones doing the clearing up after everyone else, so they seem to leave surprisingly little mess, considering.  Still enough for the time being, though.

The oven and I took this opportunity to get to know each other a little better, with the result of gingerbread and cupcakes.  I missed baking.  Baking makes me feel at home.

What also made me feel at home was the quest to find the Last Bottle of Sloe Gin in Durham.  Linguistic Housemate and I couldn’t find a bottle of sloe gin anywhere, so we ended up trekking round Durham before ending up at Marks and Spencers.  I’m clearly going to end up being Mrs M&S in a few years time when I have a mortgage and children and whatnot, so I should have thought of it beforehand, but anyway we went in there and chatted to a very lovely assistant and sent another one up to the stockroom to look for the gin.  (Awkward moment: at work, I’m usually the one that gets sent up to the stockroom.  Therefore I am quite aware that this poor lad was inwardly cursing me.)  And he found some!  This evening will therefore consist of gin, and popcorn, and a good film.  I’m really looking forward to it.

A few other things that’re making me smile at the moment:

Freshwater pearls, half a Christmas present from Linguistic Housemate.  It’s her birthday in a week or two so I’m going to make her an Ishbel because she’s been wonderful this term and deserves to have the time spent on her.  Also she admired mine.  Therefore I’m going to go all out…

…and put beads on it.  (They’re actually silver-lined dark purple and I adore them.)  Also, Midge’s mittens are starting to look a little bit on the awesome side.

I’m not actually very good at stranded colourwork yet – if you look closely (or not that closely if you’ve ever done colourwork before) you can see that my tension is utterly crap, with the result that it’s all bunched up and a little bit blobby.  I’m taking this as a cue to a) practice and b) use circular needles next time.  I think I’m a circular needle convert.  But I’ll definitely be making another pair of mittens for myself when these are finished.

Let’s not even talk about Dad’s socks.  Men’s feet, being as they are that extra inch or two longer than my own feet, are so bloody irritating to make socks for.  Especially plain vanilla unpatterned socks.  I am so bored with them it’s untrue.

It’s four o’clock already.  I’d better get on with the packing.



1. annadegenhardt - December 17, 2009

I love you, frankly.
When you’re home, I demand that I see you. Alas, Borders is no more, but Soton has plenty of other coffee shops. Or we could find one in another town nearby. There must be some.

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