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I just found this December 14, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Bwargh, Law, Literature, University.

‘I wrote a poem. That’s a bit like me saying, “I rewired your house.”‘ – Jeremy Hardy

Heh.  This is a bit of a blast from the past.  I wrote it at some unknown point last year, and rediscovered it yesterday evening while procrastinating.  It seemed, if not appropriate, then at least current.  I haven’t got long of being a teenager left, I can still write poetry occasionally without feeling guilty.  Don’t feel obliged to read it.

On a completely different note: AHA!  aha aha AHA!  After the previous post, I completely apologise in advance.  But I honestly did not realise there was a word for it.  Everyone read this article, and tell me you don’t think it’s familiar.  Someone’s just explained both years of my GCSEs pretty much pat.  Shocking.

I am going to dig a hole
And bury my essay in it.

It is a good essay.

Point one.
It took me a week and a half of late nights and early mornings
Seventeen mugs of coffee
Five used teabags
And two and a half packets of biscuits.
This essay was me, for ten days,
Ten mornings of cross-eyed deadline-fuelled tiredness
Ten midnights sat hunched in a small pool of yellow light in a darkened room
Flicking through textbooks and typing.

Point two.
This essay is a reflection of what I can do
If only I am a good person, hardworking, even-handed.
This essay is me at my best, realising my potential,
Even though at the time I didn’t know it.

Point three.
It is four pages long, plus bibliography, in size twelve Times New Roman.
It has page numbers and my name at the top.
Its margins are exactly two-point-five centimetres.

Point four.
This essay is my individuality, and my subconsciousness.
It is my entire argumentative capability, no holds barred.

When it is handed back in a plain brown envelope with my name on it,
Covered in red pen marks and revisions and numbers,
I think I might cry.
I don’t want to know that I am a Second Class Honours Good Person.
I don’t want to hear how I could have done better.
And for that reason, in well-structured conclusion,
I am going to dig a hole
And bury my essay in it.



1. Flix - December 14, 2009

🙂 I like this poem

2. Jenny - December 16, 2009

i think the nice guy/Nice Guy thing applied more when we were younger but I honestly don’t know anyone now to whom that applies, at least not among people who I would count as friends. Although I have a few acquaintances whose injured ‘I am a NICE GUY’ stance has irritated me to the point where i just avoid them tehse days. also, good poem 🙂 and there is no reason to keep on writing poetry as long as it’s not *teenage* poetry, which none of yours ever is :). After all untill a few yeras ago my gran still wrote poetry, I gather. We just never got to see it, of course.

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