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Midnight December 11, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Law, Sheer bloody-mindedness, University.

Essaying.  British folk on Lastfm.  Innocent smoothie (yes, I know, Coca Cola Company, but I needed comfort food).  Quite an extraordinary collection of candles and tealights.  Half a mug of cold coffee.  Half-finished sock (one row every hundred and fifty words, just to stop me jittering).  Four textbooks, and a very satisfactory wodge of paper.  Three colours of highlighter pen (yellow, green, orange).  Nail polish (green).  Seven separate Word documents open on my desktop, to say nothing of the PDFs.  Deadline, tomorrow, 4pm.  900 of 2500 words finished.

Oh yes, I remember this.  I remember this vividly.



1. annadegenhardt - December 11, 2009

It’ll be okay. You’ll get there, and it’ll get done, and then after that I demand that you have a bath, a hot cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/hot beverage of choice, read some Agatha Christie/P.G. Wodehouse, and give yourself a hug from me. *hugs*

2. thewariefiend - December 11, 2009

I’m going to be there by Sunday. I’ hlf wy with the essay bu I can feel it already that as ever drama is going to drve me to disraction. I’m going to be high on Beckett and it’s going to hurt like geting eatern up by a man in a red nose and facepaint hurts.

3. teacherface - December 12, 2009

Green nail polish = bang on trend :-p
You paint such a vivid picture and one which I can plon myself straight into. Oh the joys of Christmas holidays…

4. yourmouthisadisaster - December 12, 2009


innocent smoothies = coca cola company? Shi-yert.

Yes I’ve been watching too much True Blood. Now I should be working too but unlike you my only deadline is the exam in Feb.

Anyway, good luck, lots of love, and you know you can do this 🙂 xxx

stitchthisdarling - December 13, 2009

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