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This was going to be boring. December 9, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Lovely people, Really good day, University.

(Previously ‘This was going to be exciting’, because I’d taken photos for blogging purposes and then utterly failed to find the appropriate cable to upload them.  Cue wading through the Microsoft Paperclip’s online henchmen, and I’ve finally got my bluetooth working.  Victory!)

I do apologise for having abandoned you for so long.  There have been murmurings, my friend, murmurings.  Murmerings, particularly, of this nature:

Surely not!  No!  Could that possibly be- oh.  Oh, do you know, I think it might well be a pencil and paper and ball of wool, only a week or so down the line…  Are you excited yet??? I am.  And enjoying it immensely.  Fingers crossed, I will have something to show for it all in not very long at all – but as it is, the buzz I’m getting out of actually properly Designing, writing it all out and making illegible notes and doing everything from scratch, is unbelievable.  Mum’s right.  She never has to worry about me taking drugs.  I get high on air and yarn fumes.  (Incidentally, this is destined for somebody.  But I’m afraid you can’t have it til I’ve written it down so I can do it again.)

I’ve also got into colourwork! in the last week or so, which is similarly a pain in the backside, but was something I really wanted to have a go at.  And now I have…

…I think I’d forgive it anything, even the fiddle of two balls of yarn, even the frankly tiny needles, the knots, the lot.  It’s stunning.  This is Heather’s Mittens by Spilly Jane – whose work I have admired from afar for quite a long time.  If this all goes to plan, I’m going to try her Hedgehog Mittens in the new year, partly because they’re beautiful, but mainly, I have to admit, because the inspiration for them is… well, I’m not going to lie, it’s Nanny Ogg.  So there.

And when I have a moment to myself…

This wonderful swag (it’s alpaca, and gloriously soft) came from my wonderful trip to York with Captain Shakespeare* last week.  it was excellent.  We had tea and Fat Rascals at Little Betty’s, and spent ages in bookshops, and looking at buttons, and in the Christmas market.

“So Fiona,” you may say, “clearly you’ve been very busy.”  Well yes, yes, I have.  And why might that be?

Oh yes.  Essay procrastination.  And it was all going so well.

*Apparently he has decided upon codenames for all of us in his blog.  Therefore he deserves everything he gets!


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