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Greetings from the library October 13, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Breaking the fourth wall, Craftiness, Durham, University.

Just a brief note to say that I have no internet at home for the next Six To Ten Working Days, so updates will doubtless be a bit more erratic.  Also that I have done more work this morning than in about the last week, as a direct result of sitting in the University Health Centre for nearly two hours with nothing better to do with my time, and only a Land Law textbook to read.  God help us.

So I’m sure you’re not rid of me yet, but there may well be a certain amount of bitching about A Certain Unnamed Internet Provider Who Perhaps Should Stick To What They’re Good At.  Humph.

I can’t even leave you with a picture of the latest sock, as it’s a Super Secret Surprise Sock.  (In related news; there’s a university-wide KnitSoc that’s just been set up, and I turned up and, ah, happened to be wearing my blue beaded shawl from the summer, and consequently have been designated Expert and asked to come along and teach next time.  Win!)

Longer Letter Later, most likely.  Marcus is coming up this weekend, so there may even be photographic joy.  Hurrah.



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