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The Curse of the Man Jumper October 1, 2009

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To cut a long story short, I’ve been at it again.  I have discovered a dyer of yarn by the name of Violet Green, who does disgustingly exciting things with cashmere and silk and wool and things, and to be honest I just got a bit carried away.


(I like the orange one best.  Although the one on the far right is Manos del Uruguay silk blend so I may well be changing my mind pronto.)  Katie also got a beautiful mottled navy wool/silk mix that she’s already started to knit up, with the result that I don’t have a picture, but also that I got no work done today because we were sat on the sofa bitching about the Foreign Office and knitting.  (The socks were finished this evening, and shall be photographed probably tomorrow – I spent all of West Side Story and Coupling Season 1 at those and they took forever.)  At present I am consoling myself with the fact that every one of these skeins is for a present for someone else – who had better be pleased with it – also that one of them is for the purpose of Man Socks.  And when I decided to make Man Socks, naturally, the thought came into my mind of the Curse of the Boyfriend Jumper.  The general gist of this is that if you knit your boyfriend a jumper, you die he dumps you.  And then he either wears the jumper or he doesn’t, whichever is the more upsetting.

So far I have yet to to knit His Nibs anything, partly because he’s a pain to knit for – he only ever wears odd socks, isn’t a fan of knitted hats or scarves and probably rightly thinks that a lot of lacework isn’t particularly manly – and partly because I am a selfish knitter and I make things for me, or things that I would like, and I am not about to invest several weeks on boring socks or muted colours.  Subtle knitting and I, well, we wave at each other occasionally and talk about the weather, but that’s it.  But it’s something I’d like to do – both HN and knitting are big parts of my life, and well, it’d be nice for one to get a taster of the other.  Besides, the Third Christmas, it approaches (wargh!) and my logic says that the curse must be braved to be defeated.  Anyway, HN is neither an idiot nor particularly the sort to break up with anyone on account of their taste in handknits.  And therefore if that means a 25% chance of being faced with something orange and told to wear it (yes love, one of those up there is destined for you – even if I’m not saying which), well, if anyone can brave it, he can.  He’s just good like that.

There shall be a post about the new Supreme Court tomorrow, probably, because isn’t it exciting?  It’s historic, and important, and makes excellent sense.  And as the BBC has taken great delight in noting, it really does have a lovely carpet.  (Although I possibly wouldn’t have put it on my list of top five things to notice.)



1. Tania - October 4, 2009

I love Violet Green with a passion, and Manos Silk Blend even more! You’re making me drool on my keyboard, which is never very nice!

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