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Full House/The Lamp post September 30, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Durham, Really good day.

So I’m here.  And so are other people.  And within a few hours there are books up on my shelves, The Great Wall Of Poetry Theatre And Misc has been reinstated on two sides of my wardrobe and the adjoining wall, there is washing up piled next to the sink and the sitting room is covered in cables and bags of two people’s knitting.  Finally, the place has some kind of atmosphere, some evidence of people.

On Monday, I went to Harrogate with my mum.  We wandered around the gardens and fabric shops and button shops and went to see the places that she’d grown up around.  The paddling pool and putting green she’d played on.  The churches she’d been scared of because her older brother had told her they had witches in them.  We drove around the streets where her family had lived, and the lamppost she had ridden her bike into (and still has the scar from).  We had coffee and macaroons in Betty’s, just so we could get a bit closer to completing the set.  And we ogled the front steps of the Majestic, where Agatha Christie was found when she ran away.

She told me about how, at the age of ten or so, she used to go with her cousins to watch the football of an afternoon (“I didn’t really understand the rules but it was a great afternoon out,”) or just disappeared into one of the parks for a day on her bike.  I’m a bit sad that, even ten years ago when I was that age, you couldn’t do that sort of thing, and now, when they’re doing things like this, what hope do children have?  What are they going to do?  What are we turning into?  That honestly scares me a bit, and it makes me very sad indeed.

It’s a beautiful city.  So is Durham, so is York.  But, like Durham will be in two years, it’s too full of memories for me to stay there long. They may be other people’s memories, but still, there’s too many of them.

I said I’d have a pair of socks to show you now – sorry.  I’ve finished the first one and I’m turning the heel on the second, so they’ll probably be finished tomorrow or the day after.  I’ll let you know.



1. Flix - September 30, 2009

You should start a shop on etsy, for then I could buy your creations, and my long for Fisox would be satisfied. However, I’m sure you’re more than tied up with making socks and such for yourself and fellow friends to consider spending several hours on something only for it to be placed in the hands of a stranger…

2. stitchthisdarling - October 1, 2009

I could do, but nobody’d buy them! If I spend between about £10 and £15 on decent wool, and then spend about twenty-five hours making an average pair of socks, they’d cost an absolute bomb! Also a lot of patterns deliberately state that you can’t use them for your own profit unless the designer gives you permission. On the other hand, I’m starting to design things myself so… you never know…

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