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Sunday afternoon September 6, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Literature, Lovely people, Really good day.

This is the idyllic Sunday: a lie in, lunch with the family, a Carry On film, a good book and lying in bed under the covers with good music, reading through old stories I used to write – I used to be alright at writing stories – and editing them up for the present day.


This book contains about twenty-two thousand words, by my reckoning, of vintage fiction from between 2006 and 2008, complete with plot outline, family tree and three maps.  It’s one of my favourites.


It’s old, the ink’s all dripping all over the place from where I spilt bottles of water and leaked pens on it, and it needs a lot of editing.  I finished work yesterday, so I’m making that my project of the next few weeks – upload all of this story onto my computer, edit it, and add to it.  It was never anywhere near finished.  I reckon I got about a third of the way through the story I intended to write.  When I get back to Durham, I don’t anticipate having much time to work on it.  But for now, one of my favourite plots and two of my favourite characters are back in the pipeline.

I’ve also found a couple of old chestnuts from things I just wrote for myself: the debut of the International Confederation of Apocryphal Creatures (which bore strong resemblances to the European Parliament), a deranged primary school teacher and an anorexic climate change protestor are among my favourites.  Not sure what that says about me at all, but, you know, some of them made me very happy at the time, and others helped me vent a lot.  Every so often I dig them up and it’s like meeting old friends again, and I spend a few days typing furiously, and nobody else has a clue about all the references I’m making.  I apologise in advance.

One more thing before I sign off – I’ve been listening to Karine Polwart again, and she’s definitely Flavour Of The Month at the moment.  I fully recommend having a listen.  Lovely lovely lovely.



1. standingonthebrink - September 7, 2009

I’ve been listening to KP as well and have fallen in love. As for your writing, there isn’t much I can say. Sometimes I write, but no-one will ever see what, because I don’t think I’m taht good.

2. Richard - September 8, 2009

Since I figure the next blog post is due today (wednesday), can you check your facebook inbox and get back to me re:PLASA? I would phone but I’ve only had free time at antisocial hours.

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