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Return to civilisation August 25, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Law, Really good day.

Well wasn’t today just glorious, darlings.


Absolutely beautiful out.  A little rainy of a morning, yes, but overall a perfectly satisfactory sort of day.  I celebrated the loveliness by spending it in Winchester buying natural dye and reading The Lord of the Rings in the cathedral grounds.  Idyllic.

The shawl I was knitting the other day (and refusing to give up on, if you recall), has temporarily beaten me by rather carelessly using up all my yarn with two rows to spare.  I am not impressed.  Therefore, while I wait to get my hands on some more, I’ve started on this, which is being far more well-behaved:


It’s ‘Spring Things’ by Susan Lawrence, I started it on the train home yesterday and it’s already looking very lovely. The pattern is wonderful, easy but not dull, definitely a favourite.  The yarn is by Easyknits, who I’ve used before because the colours are stunning – this is their skinny semi-solid in Midnight and it’s so soft you would not believe. In fact, I’ve sent off some more for some socks for next month’s Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery pattern. Mmhmm. This is organised sockery.

The exam went well, I think – although the more I think about it the worse I think I did, but it’s just a case of having passed and I can but hope  I found this in the library and thought it was fairly amusing:


Next time, I will actively be searching for its cousin, the Nutcases Guide to Criminal Psychology.  Well done, chaps.  Branding well and truly accurate.

It’s good to be back down with people.  I am, however, really not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Oh well, oh well.  Dad’s just stuck his head round the door to ask if I feel like going to the pub.  I think a rhetorical question about the Pope and Catholicism is in order here.



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