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Don’t panic August 21, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, Lovely people, University.

BBC Paper Monitor comes up with the goods once again.  I wish I could come up with stuff like this, I really do.  I think I just need to read the papers more often.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my best to work, and not take vast numbers of photos of this:


*intake of breath* …which apart from being made out of lovely lovely wool, being both the first shawl I’ve ever knitted and the first thing I’ve ever blocked properly (and a little over-enthusiastically, I think, it’s not actually meant to be that big) – on my housemate’s bed, I might add, because he’s not here and therefore can’t complain (not you Richard…), apart from all of that, this shawl has special significance for me.  It was knitted over a week.  Last week, in fact.  Last week, I was in Somerset with these people (and the photo-taker, who I’m sure I would get quite shouted at for forgetting!).

Poets minus Clare

These people have been my foundation for the last two years.  I don’t particularly have that many old friends – I work on the principle that if people are worth staying in touch with it’ll happen naturally (and that applies to me too, friendship goes both ways after all).  This lot I’ve kept in touch with, despite being the other end of the country to most of them for a good deal of the year.  That’s the power of the internet, and Facebook, to an extent, but I have a good deal of time for every one of them.  So a week away with them complete with long walks, swimming and pub lunches was wonderful.  You may or may not remember my complaining about being more tired for less reason than I could ever remember, for most of the last month.  I’m back to normal after last week, I think, and feeling a lot more lively.


So that’s why the shawl is special.

(Revision update: I’ve got through today with the help of a lot of toast, strong coffee and Karine Polwart’s album ‘Scribbled in Chalk’, which has risen fairly speedily among my favourites since I bought it a few weeks ago.  The law library is now considerably lighter and my back is hurting considerably more from carrying my spoils from same up a hill.  All in a good cause…)

On an entirely different note, I found this while, ah, working. It’s basically two very talented designers mucking around with maths a bit, and it’s rather a case of OhMyGodYouKnittedWHAT?!  This and this are my favourites at present, but I think I might have to have a go at this one.  Stunning stuff.



1. Lucy - August 21, 2009

Nice shawl, and a lovely week away from the looks of things. Good luck with the revision. Teeth clenched.

And the triangular numbers blanket? Oh…! So…! Wonderful…!

stitchthisdarling - August 21, 2009

I’m not going to lie. I thought of you immediately. It’s fantastic, isn’t it!

2. Flix - August 21, 2009

I like this entry. I like the mathematical woolly creations and I like the calm feeling that emanates from it in a way that I can’t quite put a finger on.

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