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Practically blooming August 16, 2009

Posted by Fiona in Craftiness, Knitting, University.

It’s beautiful out today.  Bright and glorious and the perfect day for a walk.


It was also the village fete, and a scorcher – I have it on good authority that ice-cream, beer and tea were consumed in gargantuan quantities.  I only went for half an hour, however, and sadly the walk will have to wait; a week tomorrow I have a resit to take, for which I’ll be up in Durham in an empty house.  As is, however, the order of the day is a bit more restrained and studious.  I’m really hoping the weather will last out til I can enjoy it properly.

As far as Durham goes, I’m looking forward to being back, even if it’s only for a few days.  I’m looking forward to being somewhere quiet that I can work, with a purpose.  I am wetting myself about the exam, and really quite disappointed that nobody I particularly know is going to be about to talk to, and the student union won’t even be open for a cup of coffee.  Either I’ll end up moping, then, or (fingers crossed!) the effect of no company and having the fear of God put into me will bring about some sort of change and I’ll get quite a lot done.  I can but hope.

On a more optimistic note, I have finished things for you!  The blanket is completed, finally, and looks spectacular.  The second of the pair of socks will with any luck be bound off this evening (pending any guilt tripping about why am I knitting when I should be reading about parliamentary sovereignty), and I have a shawl, which I knitted this last week on holiday with friends in Somerset from a beautiful pattern called Ishbel by Ysolda Teague Of Blogroll Fame, of which I am very, very proud.  It’s not been blocked yet, but as soon as it is I can guarantee I’ll be crowing about it.  Everything about it is stunning.  Especially the fact that I cocked it up a few times and you can’t even tell.  There’ll be pictures, in much detail, I assure you.

As a result of this success, I’ve been hit square between the eyes by the shawl bug.  There will be crooning over lace.  Sorry about that.  But it’s so pretty.  Anyway, here is the blanket, with book for size comparison purposes (Molesworth.  Classy.):


You can probably tell I didn’t block it very well, so it’s still a bit of a funny shape – as soon as I have a bit more time on my hands this will be rectified.  It’s about 44 inches by 44 inches and weighs about 820g.  It took four months, seventeen balls of DK merino wool, 1.8 metres of needles and is by my estimates about 94,000 stitches.  I reckon my knitting speed without frills, like this, is about 27 stitches per minute.  You do the maths.  It is also really warm and snuggly and I am zealously proud of it.

So there we go.  It’s Sunday evening.  The Week Of Death, Destruction and the UK Constitution starts tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  After all, if this one goes down the pan I don’t really get another chance to take it seriously.



1. Flix - August 16, 2009

Omigosh, I love it. But then, I loved it before it was even finished. And how oh how do I go about learning to knit when I don’t have a friendly family face to show me the ropes!?

Good luck with the resit, it sounds dire, but I’m sure you’ll pull it off! 🙂

2. stitchthisdarling - August 17, 2009

There are groups all over the place, I really recommend finding one! Or I know John Lewis occasionally does free lessons. Otherwise, should we ever meet I’d be happy to show you myself… it’s so therapeutic.

Thank you about the resit – it can’t really go any worse than last time so I’m fairly optimistic!

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